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We have always put respect for the environment and nature that surrounds us as a priority, to obtain the best ingredients for our family and yours.

Discover the product packs that we hand select for you every week to let you better taste the flavors and traditions of Tuscany.


Pasta is without a doubt the crown jewel of Italian cuisine, and we have created an organic Diacceroni version to glorify its full potential. We do that by using our own organic wheat grown on the rolling hills of our farm. It is then sent to our trusted ‘mulino’ (mill) to be milled into flour then to a local historic ‘pastificio’ where it’s turned into pasta by our Tuscan neighbors who have been making pasta for generations. The best part about our pasta is of course, the quality which gives it a fantastic taste and texture, but it’s also uniquely LOCAL! Those little grains of wheat only move a few kilometers from Diacceroni to become pasta. That way, we control the value chain, getting you a better product!

This pack will introduce you to our world of pasta including a free jar of sauce of your choice!

‘ALL PASTA EVERYTHING’ includes 4 spaghetti, 4 penne, 3 fusilli, 4 pappardelle (egg pasta), 4 tagliatelle (egg pasta) and one free sauce of your choice.


Our Rosé is made from Sangiovese, one of the most diverse and dynamic grape of Italy and Canaiolo grapes. It’s delicious served with tomato sauces, vegetables and white meats. Vermentino is made from Vermentino grapes, giving this wine a clear and brilliant color with green and yellow reflections. It’s fantastic enjoyed with fish like cod or fried calamari and shrimp.

This pack, with 6 bottles of Rosè and 6 bottles of Vermentino, combines these two wonderful wines that will kick off your Spring to a great start!


Here is a selection of high quality Tuscan products that conserve tradition and culture by using genuine local ingredients: Diacceroni wine, cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil from our own press, organic pasta from our wheat, classic sauces and jams with fresh fruit