Diacceroni organic Tuscan pasta

Our pasta is available in various forms, such as Penne, Fusilli and Spaghetti. Also available are our egg pastas such as Pappardelle and Tagliatelle, which are perfect for rich traditional sauces such as wild boar and hare.

Our pastas are made from our organic flour. The grain that produces the flour is grown in the hills around our farm, and harvested in the months of June and July when the grain is at the height of its maturity.

Our grain is ground at an organic mill, thus guaranteeing the quality and the certification of 100% organic.

…Flavours, smells, and colours of our local territory, rich with the lasting essence of the land from which they are produced.

It gives us great satisfaction to share these high quality products, which are an outcome of our passion and tradition.

We wish to offer the possibility to shop from our farm with ease and simplicity. With a simple click, you can enjoy our products delivered to you within 24 hours, all year round.