Diacceroni Sparkling Wines

The sparkling energy of our land

– Diacceroni’s expert winemaker

Diacceroni Sparkling Wines are the result of the relentless search for the quality and simplicity of ancient flavors that arise from the love for our land, guardian of tradition and history.

Thanks to the experience gained after years of passionate commitment, we have chosen to interpret the Classic Method in the special Diacceroni reinterpretation to give life to our Brut Cuvée Prestige Sparkling Wine.

Obtained from a special cuvée of the best white wines with an important part of Pinot n., Our sparkling wine is made with traditional methods: it passes the bottling process and the second fermentation, fermenting in the bottle at least 18 months before being corked. This gives it a wonderful perlage and a fine effervescence that can be savored at any time of the day.

Our Prosecco extra dry DOC is the result of must obtained from the Glera vines, pressed and fermented at controlled temperatures: straw-yellow in color, it has a sweet and fruity flavor that makes it magnificent during an aperitif with friends.

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