Diacceroni Sauces

The specialties of our territory

– Chef Agriturismo Diacceroni restaurant

The love for the Tuscan gastronomic tradition and the rediscovery of the quality and authenticity of ancient flavors are the ingredients found in Diacceroni sauces.

We carefully select the best raw materials of our territory, respecting the seasonality of the ingredients and their slow maturation, to ensure that each sauce offers an authentic experience among the flavors of the Tuscan tradition.

Each jar, prepared in the kitchens of the Agriturismo Diacceroni, contains the flavor of simplicity, the result of traditional recipes handed down by our grandmothers: the secret of our ragù is the large quantity of locally produced meat that blends perfectly with the vegetables harvested in our garden.

A few simple ingredients, worked with patience and cooked with love, give life to our meat and vegetable sauces, ideal for fulfilling the wishes of every palate and telling the story of our land.