• 1 Prosecco extra dry DOC, 750 ml
  • 1 Vernaccia di San Gimignano white wine IGT, 750 ml
  • 1 Sangiovese di Toscana red wine IGT, 750 ml
  • 2 Organic Spaghetti, 2×500 gr
  • 1 Organic Extra Virgin olive oli, 750 ml
  • 1 Tomato and basil sauce, 310 gr
  • 1 Vegetarian sauce, 310 gr
  • 1 Organic chesnut honey, 250 gr
  • 1 Plum jam, 210 gr
  • 1 Limoncino Diacceroni, 50 cl
  • 1 Lard with Black Truffle, 100 gr

Scroll down to discover Chef Francesca’s holiday guide on how to use the products in each of our packs!

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Francesca – Chef Agriturismo Diacceroni

Ciao everyone – Chef Francesca here! I selected some products for you to make you feel like you’re back in Tuscany… and I will explain how to use them in perfect Italian style.


You can start with aged cheese like Parmigiano or Pecorino cut in small pieces paired with organic chestnut honey that has a slightly bittersweet note that pairs perfectly with the salty cheese! I selected this type of honey not only for its unique taste, but also for its antibacterial and antinflammatory properties. For example, if you add a few drops of lemon juice and some grated ginger, this honey becomes a cough medicine! Chestnut honey is rich in fructose, vitamins B and C and its dark color distinguishes it from other honeys. The darker it is, the stronger the flavor!

Then, you cannot have an aperitivo without some bubbles! In fact, in this pack you will find our Prosecco extra dry DOC that should be served cold in order to appreciate its freshness.


This appetizer is composed of a hot and crispy slice of bread spread with our lard with black truffle. The lard will slowly melt on the bread and tease your tastebuds and welcome the hit of fresh white truffle – one of our favorite foods here in Tuscany. This sauce is divine with some saffron risotto – give it a try!

The one thing a Tuscan appetizer must never lack is some bruschetta with oil, and this is the best time to taste it! Freshly pressed ‘olio nuovo’ is when the product is at its best: flavorful, sapid and peppery. We harvest our olives by hand and cold press them at our farm the same day they are picked to preserve their flavor and nutritional benefits. Be careful though, Diacceroni Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is addicting!


It’s time to open our Vernaccia di San Gimignano IGT white wine and enjoy its fresh flavor!
This wine is fantastic with the most legendary Italian pasta dish: spaghetti with tomato sauce! As I always say, the most simple dishes need ingredients of the best quality. That’s why I offer you a pasta made with our organic grain, carefully cared for from the seed to the harvest then taken to a local pasta factory to be milled into flour and transformed into pasta. The pasta is slowly dried at low temperatures to ensure the best texture and keep its nutrition and protein intact. To do things right, you need time!

To make a good plate of Organic Diacceroni spaghetti, you’ll need just 12 minutes and a big pot of boiling salted water. Open a jar of our tomato and basil sauce and you will smell the sweet scent of summer tomatoes and fresh basil. Pour it over hot spaghetti and add a glug of our organic 2020 extra virgin olive oil. You will be shocked at what we manage to close into a bottle!

For those who prefer not to eat meat, I thought to add our vegetarian sauce, a healthy concentrate of vegetables from our garden like zucchini, peppers, eggplant and onions that make this chunky delicious sauce unique. It is delicious with spaghetti and a generous sprinkling of aged Pecorino cheese – otherwise you can use it in a vegetarian lasagna!

And now it’s time for wine! Tomatoes beg for Sangiovese – the king of Tuscan grapes. Our Sangiovese di Toscana IGT red wine has scents of red fruits and tannins and it’s these tannins and unique astringency that make it perfect to accompany salty foods like salumi and cheeses.


Let’s close out our meal on a high note with a delicious dessert. I chose to use our plum jam in this pack known for its dense and sweet pulp. Plums are energetic fruits rich of fiber and antioxidants making them good for your heart as they help contrast cholesterol and eaten fresh they can help wake you up! We try and keep the fruit as pure as possible by cooking it gently and only adding 25% sugar. Our dessert will be composed of a buttery pie crust taken to the next level with plum jam and crumbled amaretti cookies, finished off with crushed almonds and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

Now we need an after dinner drink! In fact, a Christmas pack cannot go without Limoncino Diacceroni, which should only be served ice cold. Its special lemon-ey note cleans your palate while its sweetness preserves the memories of this meal spent together.

It’s been a pleasure to be ‘a tavola’ with you!
-Chef Francesca

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