Organic extra virgin olive oil 3L


Excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil, an indispensable ingredient in Italian cuisine. Our olive groves are grown on particularly suitable hilly terrain, and are treated according to the criteria of organic farming to ensure the highest quality and genuineness.
Ingredients: 100% fresh organic olives
Size: 3L

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Growing and Processing

The farm cultivates a variety of olives including Leccino and Moraiolo, which are carefully tended to throughout the year to ensure a quality harvest.
The olives are picked by hand from October to November. Picked fresh olives are mechanically processed without the use of excessive heat and a delay.

Storage Tips

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best stored in a dark, dry and well-ventilated area, as sunlight will breakdown the chemistry of the oil and degrade the product over time.
Ideally, the temperature of the oil should remain constant between 12° C and 15° C and the humidity of the storage place should be between 40-70%.

How to use

Suggested use of extra virgin olive oil is raw in order to keep its flavors and nutritional value. It is also key ingredient in cooking of various dishes.
Pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil on the top is one the traditional Italian ways to use it in daily cooking.

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