A Sunday together with the family


1 Flour type 2
1 Remilled Durum wheat semolina
1 Tuscany sauce
1 Acacia honey
1 Peppers mosterd
1 Truffle salt
1 Oil 0,5

+ 1 Shopper signed Diacceroni!

One word: “Lasagna”, worked with our flour and fresh eggs, 1 drop of oil, 1 pinch of salt and the lasagne will be ready are, the sauce we have prepared for you smells like our home, now you only have to prepare the bechamel. Turn on the oven and you have made your day!
But it doesn’t stop here: turn on the grill and prepare the meat, vegetables and the bread and try the unusual combination of our honey togheter with our organic oil and the richly fragranced truffle salt.

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