Organic Diacceroni Honey

Bees are the most important indicator of an organic crop and healthy fields, as they are delicate creatures easily harmed by the presence of chemicals. We are proud to say that all of our fields are always full of these essential creatures collecting pollen from wildflowers like sulla and clover. We confidently make the organic choice in everything that we do to protect the land both for our families and the future ones of our children.

Our goal is to bring this passion for tradition and nature from the fields to these little jars of golden honey with as few steps as possible. Our beekeepers have always patiently and delicately cared for their bees without disturbing their precious work. They quietly observe them and gently guide them to the right fields in order to produce monovarietal honey like sulla to provide a unique taste. Each variety has a different flavor!

Diacceroni honey is made without additives and using a cold extraction method, as nature requests. Thanks to these simple and natural processes, our honey retains its nutrition and flavor. Therefore, if the honey crystalizes over time, that’s a good sign and means it’s a natural product! Just warm it slightly and it will return to it’s silky texture.