Diacceroni Organic Honey

Sweet nectar of our lands

– Beekeeper and Diacceroni honey producer

Between the hills of Lajatico and Volterra, our hives rest on certified organic fields where bees, flying over the flowers of our land, give us organic Diacceroni honey.

We work our honey through the artisanal method: after a slow maturation, we filter it to remove impurities and we put it in jars by hand. This gives the honey a dense and full-bodied consistency and the intense and decisive flavor of tradition.

We jar different varieties of honey: sulla honey, a native pink flower of our land that gives a bright yellow color to this sweet nectar. Chestnut honey, with a dark amber color and an aromatic and persistent flavor. Acacia honey has a light yellow in color and a delicate, slightly fruity floral flavor. Wildflower honey is obtained from the nectar of the flowers that grow spontaneously in our hills such as hawthorn and forget-me-not.