Diacceroni extra virgin olive oil

Our extra virgin Olive Oil is of excellent quality and is completely organic. Olive oil is an essential item in the kitchen, and is the most important ingredient in many dishes. Our olives are picked by hand in the months of October and November, and are immediately pressed to guarantee freshness.

This year we have a new olive press!
It is now possible for our guests to participate not only in the picking of the olives, but also the pressing. The olives are pressed the same day to guarantee a high quality. It takes only a few hours to produce the olive oil, so our guests can experience the wonder of making this wonderful but simple ingredient of Tuscan dishes.

Our olive press is of the latest technology in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. It can process 80 to 100 kilos of olives per hour! The machine is a compact unit consisting of a crusher with knives, two mixers, and a two-phase decanter. This sophisticated machine guarantees an optimal olive oil, rich, pure, and fresh.