Diacceroni Jams

The taste of tradition in a jar

– Agriturismo Diacceroni Chef

Our orchards are located in the heart of Tuscany, on the golden hills of Volterra where the embrace of the sun warms our fruit, giving it the authentic taste of tradition found in Diacceroni jams.

We take care of our trees through traditional methods, nourishing them with natural products that accompany the fruit at the right point of ripeness, when it will be harvested by hand respecting the plant and the seasonality of the ingredients.

We prepare our jams in the kitchens of the Agriturismo Diacceroni following traditional recipes, handed down by our grandmothers: lots of fruit, washed and cut by hand, boiled slowly only with sugar. This is the secret of our extra jams.

Each jar contains all the flavors and aromas of our land: energetic and nutritious, our jams are ideal for filling home-made biscuits, freshly baked tarts and excellent for enhancing the taste of fresh and aged cheeses.

You just have to choose the taste you prefer!