Diacceroni  jams

Diacceroni  jams are the result of a great deal of labour in cultivating the fruit trees with special attention to obtaining fruits that are sweet and hearty. At the height of their optimal maturity, the fruits are harvested by hand to guarantee high quality. The fruits are immediately cleaned, selected, and processed. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so the fruits are clean and natural.


Our jams can be used in making various desserts such as fruit tarts, or simply as a spread on a fresh piece of bread or on biscuits. Some of our jams go very well with certain types of cheeses.

We are proud of the quality of our jams which are made with passion, tradition, and knowledge. They are a reflection of our farm philosophy – each jar of jam contains the essence of our land.

Our jams are available in size 210 gr .


Our jams are placed in vacuum sealed jars. They can be conserved for years, but as soon as they are opened they should be placed immediately in the fridge. We do not use chemical preservatives, therefore, the longevity of the jam if not kept in the fridge is short. If mold occurs, it is normal, and should simply be removed with a knife. If the lid is not tight at time of initial opening, please do not use and return to us.

The ideal temperature for the jam is 12 degrees and the humidity should be between 40 – 70%.

The jams can come in a variety of colors, this is synonymous with the quality of the product.