Diacceroni flour

Noble expression of our land

– Owner Agriturismo Diacceroni

Protected by the atmosphere of serenity and peace that reigns in the heart of Tuscany, our wheat sprouts and grows on the hills of Volterra, giving us a magnificent product of our land, Diacceroni flour.

Rich in nutrients and free of stones, it is the ideal soil to grow our wheat: we plow our fields in August, when the heat of the summer sun dries the earth, preparing it for the sowing period in the months of October-November. In June-July, when the wheat is ripe, we harvest it for processing.

The mill that we have carefully selected for the production of our flour, is the only artisan plant in our province: a cylinder mill that transforms soft wheat into genuine high quality flour, keeping the ashes of the grinding, the fiber and the germ of wheat.

Our flour is an authentic and genuine expression of our land, a noble ingredient of our tradition, which brings to mind the flavors and aromas of the past: the unmistakable crunchiness of fresh bread, the sweet fragrance of homemade biscuits, the wonderful texture of fresh pasta and the delicious aroma of freshly baked desserts.

All that remains is to choose the flour that best suits your recipes!

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Sowing the grain at Diacceroni