The Balsamic Diacceroni

The authentic flavor of tradition

– Agriturismo Diacceroni Head Chef

Diacceroni balsamic condiments are the result of the traditional recipe kept by the historic vinegar factory that we have carefully selected, one of the oldest and most expert in our territory.

The secret of our condiments lies in the care of the choice of Tuscan raw materials and in the traditional processing methods: the grapes from the vineyards of our territory give us the must that is gently squeezed, cooked over direct heat, acetified and placed in barrique for aging.

This enhances the taste and color of our balsamic condiments making them unique and authentic expressions of our land.

The Nerum balsamic dressing accompanies the palate with its wonderful sweetness and density. The balsamic apple dressing is characterized by fruity and velvety notes given by the sweet apple juice. The white condiment with a bright golden yellow color expresses all its genuine flavor both cooked and raw.