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Immersed in the unspoiled nature of the heart of Tuscany, our organic farm was born from the strong bond we have with the land: guardian of tradition and history.

For over 30 years, our family has valued the richness of the environment that surrounds us, embracing organic farming that gives us products that are genuine and authentic expressions of our territory and doesn’t harm it in the process.

We cultivate our fields using products that protect their integrity, favoring manual work and respect for the slow rhythms of nature that give us its best fruits.

Our products are the result of an untiring search for quality and the simplicity of ancient flavors: we produce our organic extra virgin olive oil by hand-picking the olives that we cold-press in our small mill. Chef Francesca and her team prepare delicious jams by hand, picking the fruit that colors our orchard every season. Our organic pasta is the result of an ancient recipe which, thanks to the slow drying process, reveals the unique and decisive flavor of our Tuscan durum wheat flour, a genuine traditional ingredient.

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Organic Extra Virgin olive oil

Green gold with an authentic flavor

– Agriturismo Diacceroni Head Chef

Embellished with the wonderful colors of the autumn season, our olive grove is located in the pristine heart of the Tuscan hills, where respect between man and nature gives life to Diacceroni organic extra virgin olive oil: our green gold.

We protect our territory by working only the superficial part of the earth that surrounds our olive trees, to keep their composition unaltered and allow the water to filter slowly, gently nourishing the roots of our trees.

From September to December, when the fruit reaches the right point of ripeness, our families gather among the olive trees to hand-pick the olives directly from the tree so as not to stress the plant. We immediately take the crates to our small mill for pressing and conclude the day together by tasting the oil after the first pressing.

The secret to obtaining our precious oil with a genuine and traditional flavor is cold pressing within 6 hours of harvesting. This allows us to keep all the flavor and nutritional properties of the product intact and control its acidity.

We favor traditional processing methods to bottle a very high quality oil at our farm, even if that means having a smaller quantity.

The oil that flows from our oil mill has a natural, bright green color and an intense and spicy taste that brings to mind the simplicity and authenticity of traditional flavors, now almost forgotten by many.

Diacceroni Wine

Expressions of authentic Tuscany

– Diacceroni’s expert winemaker

Our vineyards are located in the heart of Tuscany in the hills of Volterra, in an optimal position where the caress of the Apennine winds meets the fresh sea breeze. This is the climate that allows the grapes to express their best flavor characteristics and create our delicious Diacceroni wines.

After the first 2-3 years of growth, the vine is ready for the production of grapes: during this period we follow the development of our vineyards with dedication, defending them from parasites with natural products such as copper and sulfur.

In the months of April-May, when small grapes begin to grow, the vines are pruned by hand to lighten them and only let the branches that will give us the best fruit grow. During the harvest, from September to October, we harvest the grapes by hand in boxes using the traditional method to respect and protect the vines.

Once crushed, the fruit begins the slow fermentation process in steel tanks with a temperature controlled system: this allows us to follow the aging of the wine and carefully bring out its natural aromas and fragrances.

We bottle red, white and rosé wines, an intense rainbow of colors which allows us to rediscover the authentic flavor of tradition. One of our latest additions and most prestigous wines is the Brut Cuvée Prestige sparkling wine, the beautiful result of the “classic method” in the special Diacceroni reinterpretation.

Taste all of our wines to discover authentic Tuscany!

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For over 30 years at Diacceroni we have been making organic products with the utmost respect for nature and human health.
Now it is easy to have our typical Tuscan products, directly to your home.

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