Authentic tuscan tradition
from our home to yours

Welcome to Tuscany

From our land to your table

Immersed in the unspoiled nature of the heart of Tuscany, our organic farm was born from the strong bond we have with the land: guardian of tradition and history.

For over 30 years, our family has valued the richness of the environment that surrounds us, embracing organic farming that gives us products that are genuine and authentic expressions of our territory and doesn’t harm it in the process.

We cultivate our fields using products that protect their integrity, favoring manual work and respect for the slow rhythms of nature that give us its best fruits.

Our products are the result of an untiring search for quality and the simplicity of ancient flavors: we produce our organic extra virgin olive oil by hand-picking the olives that we cold-press in our small mill. Chef Francesca and her team prepare delicious jams by hand, picking the fruit that colors our orchard every season. Our organic pasta is the result of an ancient recipe which, thanks to the slow drying process, reveals the unique and decisive flavor of our Tuscan durum wheat flour, a genuine traditional ingredient.

For the Environment

Our way to respect the earth

Nestled amongst the hills of Volterra lies authentic and uncontaminated heart of Tuscany where Diacceroni is located. The richness of our land comes from the respect we have for it through organic agriculture that enhances the natural rhythm of nature.

The secret of our abundant harvest is working with our environment and protecting our fields using natural products and adopting traditional cultivation methods that preserve the purity of our territory and gift us genuine and organic ingredients.

To reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, we have chosen to focus on renewable energy to fuel our operations. Our solar panels allow us to power our short value chain to create our products!

For the People

The embrace of our big Diacceroni family

By purchasing our products, you choose to put a part of our family on your table. That’s why our big Diacceroni family works with passion and dedication to bring you the best most authentic tastes of our region. Through our food, you will experience the results of ancient traditions and quality ingredients.

Our family is made up of those who share our values in their work: Chefs Francesca and Maurizio transmit all their passion for food and Tuscany to our customers through even a simpe jar of homemade pasta sauce. Our expert winemaker Alfredo bottles generations of culture and history in the wine he makes for us and Stefano our beekeeper protects the local bees: precious gems that make our organic agriculture possible and create the sweet nectar we crave!

For the Land

Share the quality of tradition

Inspired by the desire to recuperate traditions of the past and share the identity of our land, we promote the excellences of our farm and the ingredients of small local producers nearby – real experts of typical Tuscan products.

We select the best ingredients for our products, which is simpler than it seems. We find the best local farmers, butchers and producers to make sure our products are not only delicious, but also support our neighbors. That’s our guarantee of authenticity.

Our certifications

A guarantee of excellence and quality

– Owner of Diacceroni

For over 30 years we have been practicing organic and sustainable agriculture, adopting ancient and slow cultivation techniques that respect the natural growth cycle of our land. We have chosen to privilege human health and the well-being of the area around us.

Our products

For over 30 years at Diacceroni we have been making organic products with the utmost respect for nature and human health.
Now it is easy to have our typical Tuscan products, directly to your home.

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