Marmelade Pfirsich Extra


Zutaten: 67% Pfirsich, 33% Zucker
Zubereitung: süß, saftig und bunt. Unsere Pfirsiche werden handgepflückt und langsam, bei niedriger Temperatur, gekocht und ausschließlich Zucker hinzugefügt. Auf diese Weise werden der unwiderstehliche Duft und der Geschmack, der frisch gepflückten Früchte, konserviert
Ideal zu: die Pfirsich Konfitüre extra passt perfekt zum Frühstück oder zu einer kleinen Zwischenmahlzeit, auf eine getoastete Scheibe Brot gestrichen, mit einem Hauch Butter. Auch ideal um Nachspeisen und Desserts aufzuwerten.

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Our love for the simple and genuine things, and for nature, taught us to cherish the antique recipes of our great grandmothers, and so our jams are not only rich in taste, but also rich in tradition. Jams are one way of preserving the freshness of seasonal fruits all year long. Jams are a healthy ingredient, a great start to the day on a wonderful slice of fresh bread! Our jams make ideal gifts – a small jar containing the simplicity of country life. Our jams are made from fruits in season, and the fruits are picked at the height of their maturity and immediately cooked, thus maintaining the freshness.

Cultivation and production
Our farm grows many varieties of fruit trees, predominantly Pear, Apple, Lemon, Peach and Apricot. They are well taken care of year round, thus guaranteeing a harvest of high quality. We pick the fruits by hand. They are picked once they are mature, and are cleaned by hand. We do not use pesticides or insecticides, therefore the cleaning process is labour intensive.

Advice for their conservation
Once the jams have undergone their process, they are conserved in glass jars, and can be kept in a dark area, dry and well ventilated, for more than a year. Attention: When opening the jar make sure that you hear a click, if not, the jam could have been exposed to air and hence not good for consumption. After opening we advise that you keep the jam in the fridge since it does not have any form of chemical preservative to maintain longevity. A little mold may appear on top of the jam, but it is not harmful, and should be removed with a knife, this will happen because the jam does not contain preservatives.
Ideally, the temperature of the jam should remain between 12 degrees and 15 degrees.

Our jams can be used on breads, on mild cheeses, or in tarts and pies.


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