I bought a bottle of Diacceroni Olive Oil this autumn when I came to your farm and every time I use it the scent brings me back there! Its very mellow, light taste remind me of green olives and the day we picked them!


I enjoy the sweet nuttiness of Diacceroni pasta, so genuine and authentic! I like the fact that I can buy it on line whenever I want even if I wish I could come and eat it there as your restaurant was superb!


I recently came back from Italy with some Diacceroni wines. I love these delicious full body red wines, cultivated organically and building on thousands of years of traditions of the Tuscan culture. 


Here in Diacceroni it is like time has stopped… We jumped back to 25 years ago when most of jam-making was a homemade endeavor: folks filled jars with preserves made from the wild blackberries they found, or the harvest of a garden strawberry patch, canning the summer’s bounty for colder months. The results are fantastic! Jams like these are to dream for. I like them very much and so do my kids that eat nothing else in the morning. 


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